How To Write Blog Posts That Get 500,000 Views

Dominic Kent
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I charge £1,250+ for every blog post I write. That's because I write high-volume and high-conversion blog posts that are worth investing in.

Rather than buying my time, my clients pay for the value of the end product.

This video course walks through a tried and tested process to write high-quality blog posts from start to finish. From finding a topic to SEO and promotion, invest in this course to get your next post to 500,000 views. 

Even if you don't hit this milestone, you'll learn how to prep a post for yourself, edit it so it's the best version it can be, and find new places to promote your content to maximise its reach.


1 - Finding a topic (14 mins)

2 - Writing an outline (28 mins)

3 - Writing the post (1hr 5 mins)

4 - Editing your own work (53 mins)

5 - Optimising for search engines (49 mins)

6 - Content promotion strategies (1h 17 mins)

7 - Afterparty (1 min)

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How To Write Blog Posts That Get 500,000 Views

17 ratings
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